2013 Family Photo

John is a successful executive at a local software company.  He often points out that his wife Jill is a testament to his success because he convinced her to marry him.  John and Jill have lived in Herriman for 9 years and they are the parents of 5 wonderful kids.  Emily (14), Charlotte (9), William (7) and Hewston (4) and Claire (2).  The Knotwell’s moved to this part of the Salt Lake Valley because they appreciated the way of life and the family oriented culture that our cities have to offer.

As the son of a Navy man, John grew up with a fierce sense of patriotism.  He enjoyed visiting his dad on board ship and in learning about the traditions that are so much a part of military life.  These early experiences helped to shape his understanding of the meaning of sacrifice, freedom and the exceptional nature of America.

When asked why he’s running for office, John will simply point to his children and say, “It’s because I want them to have more opportunity to be successful than I did.  Freedom isn’t free, it takes hard work and a constant reminder of the burdens placed upon future generations to keep America the shining city on a hill.”

John graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History. John was recently accepted into the Masters of Business Administration Program at Utah State University.  He’s been actively involved in local political issues and will strive to be a relevant voice on Capitol Hill for the people of the Southwest Valley.

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